A short overview of the library

The library of MN of MO of RT (Low Chamber’s Parliament) was established in 2000 year.

After beginning professional activity, MN of MO of RT (Low Chamber’s Parliament) the providing necessity and improving the library has multiplied and at the same time, the number of its books and readers has increased which it promoted the purpose and tasks of this educational enterprise by supplying material, information, legislative documents, sectorel  literature and other materials of mass media.

The circle readers of the library are wide. Most readers consist of delegations of MN (Low Chamber), scientists and employers of apparatus department as well as scientists of sphere of this legislative enterprise.

The library includes more than 16500 different materials which most part of them consist of sectoral literature of parliamentarism- internal and external legislation is put under extradition of usage.

There are mainly the literature sphere of state, policy, history, law, legislation, inner and foreign secroral laws, codes, constitutions, poetry and prose, logic, philosophy, psychology, encyclopedia of cultures as well as different spheres of encyclopedia primarily law, journals and newspapers. The library is enriched based on the directions of multisided cooperation with countries and parliaments in the framework of International Organizations and enterprises of these Organizations and Embassies of Dushanbe, such as UNO, OSCE (Parliamentary Assembly), CIS (Inter parliamentary Assembly), EU (Inter Parliamentary Union), PUAP, IFES and direct support Head of MN of MO of RT (Low Chamber’s Parliament).
In the framework of bilateral cooperation, now the library cooperates and exchanges experience in development spheres of juridical materials with parliamentary libraries of Russian Federation, Republic of Azerbaijan, Armenia, Georgia, Latvia, Lithuania, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Kirghizstan and Turkmenistan.

Trough establishing contractual relations it has access to the list of 25 number magazines and newspapers.

The activity of the library is put in place based on Law of the Republic of Tajikistan “about Librarian” with the initiative and efforts of Chairmanship and employers of the library.


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