Born in November 4, 1960, Soviet Council Vatan of Farkhor District in family of teacher. From September 1967 till 1967 studied at secondary school № 5 named after Kalinin of Farkhor District.


Work experience.


1.From 11. 1977 till 07.1978 Clerk of secondary school № 5 of Farkhor District


2.From 09.1978 till09.1983 Student of Economic faculty of Tajik Agrarian University


3.From 11.1983till 11.1984 Economist in Province of Construction Bank of Kurgantyube City


4.From 11.1984 till 01.1989 Employees of Committee of Youth of Kurgantyube City and Kurgantyube Province


5.From 01.1989 till 10.1991              Inspector of  People’s control Committee of Kurgantyube Сity


6.From 10.1991till 05.1992               Director of production cooperative “Khatlon” of Khovaling District


7 .From 07. 1992 till 04.1996            Service in Customs Committee of Government of the Republic of Tajikistan


8.From 04.1996 till 05.1997              Head of  Youth of department  of Dushanbe City


9.From 05.1997 till 08.1999              Chief of   Clerk   of National Bank of Tajikistan


10.From 09.1999 till 01.2002           Director of Technical center of Committee of TV and  Radio  of Government of the Republic of Tajikistan


11.From  01.2002till 09.2002           Service in Ministry of Defense of the Republic of Tajikistan


12.From 09.2002 till 02.2004           Chief of tax police of Tursunzade city


13.From  03.2004 till 12.2006   Deputy Rector  of Tajik  Agrarian University


14.From 12.2006 till 12.2012           Entrepreneurship


15.From 12.2012 till the present time Chief of Democratic Party of Tajikistan


16.From 03.2015 till the present time Deputy of  representative meeting of  Majlisi Oli  of the Republic of Tajikistan and Chief of Democratic Party of Tajikistan


He defenses his candidate of Economic science on theme” The ways of increase the Family statues:


Married, has 7 children.


In 2011 has defended the dissertation of Candidate of Economic science. On theme «Ways of increase of labor productivity in market situation, by at the maximum labor quantity».


Completed the Tax and law Institute   on specialty of Jurisprudence in 2005.