Born in 26th of August of 1967 year in Kulkent village of Isfara district in the farmers family.


In 1984 have graduated the secondary school №34 in Kulkent village and started my professional carrier from 1985 in the capacity of head of registration office  of comsomol committee in former collective farm named after “Kuybishev” currently “Khamrokhodja Mukaramov”, in 1989 independent secretary of comsomol committee of collective farm, from 1989 Chairman of women’s committee of collective farm,  from 1992 Chairman of youth committee of collective farm, in  1992 office secretary of human resource department, in 1994 Head of human resource department of collective farm, from 1999 Chairman of professional union, from  2002 until 2007 Chairman of women’s committee of collective farm “Khamrokhodja Mukaramov”.


From February 2007 to 2014, Chairman of Jamoat Kulkent and from September 19 2014, Deputy Chairman of Isfara city.


In 1990, have graduated the Khujand State University named after academician B.Gafurov with specialization of teacher of history and social science. In 2010, I have graduated the Khujand Branch of Technological University of Tajikistan with specialization of engineer agro technician.


In February 2010 was elected as a deputy of Regional Majlis (Parliament) of Sughd Region.


In 2013, by the Order of the President of Republic of Tajikistan awarded with the medal of «Khizmati shoista”.


Married, has 4 children.