Was born on January 30 1971 in Isfara city.

She graduated from Tajik National University in 1993.

First she worked as a teacher of secondary school No.27 in the village of Chorkuh of Isfara city. Then in 2005 she was appointed a director of the above mentioned school. In 2010 she was appointed a head of education department of Isfara city. From 2014 till 2015 she worked as a senior specialist of staff department in Chairman of Isfara city’s office. From 2015 till 2016 she took a post of general director deputy of Open Joint-Stock Company “Angisht”. From January 2016 till 2018 she worked as a director on social issues and foreign relations of Tajik Technological University Branch in Isfara city and from 2018 till 2020 director of the above mentioned University. From July 2020 till December 22 2021 she took a post of head of culture section of Isfara city.

She is a member of the People’s Democratic Party of Tajikistan.

In 2021 she was elected deputy of the Majlisi Namoyandagon of Majlisi Oli of the Republic of Tajikistan

 She is married with 2 children.